My Yogic Journey – Part 3 (Progression)

Few of us are waiting for India Adheenam (temple) is conducting the Teachers’ Training which was postponed since Feb-19. During this time, our yoga practice become more intense where we not only practice floor yoga, we also practice Rajju (Rope) Yoga.

I also step up to assist our center yoga acharya in facilitating and take the lead in demonstrating asana, joint with the acharya to run detox program, design flyers and marketing materials for events. I don’t realize myself that I am so involved in yoga and I feel at ease working on all these.

The yoga acharya also advised me to take up the Yoga Teacher Training course instead of keep on waiting because he also doesn’t know when India Adheenam is conducting this course in the near future. I am quite reluctant to take up the course from any studio that does not teach traditional yoga. However, he told me to just get the certification first and when the time comes, I am ready to go to India. He also foresees that he has assignments that coming in which he is not able to handle. He says that he would rather to pass some assignment to few of us, who are committed to regularly practicing yoga, instead of other parties.

So, I asked for my Guru, Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, for his blessing so that I could find a yoga studio that conduct Teacher Training course that closely align to what He is teaching. I also have a budget that I would pay. My first description in google search is “traditional yoga”, because it aligns to what my Guru. I search both studios in Singapore and India. Some yoga schools, especially India, are giving scholarship or charge only food and lodging. I was so tempted to go. But after contemplating, I felt that it is not feasible because I need to manage my real estate business too. I drop the idea of going to India and focus my search in Singapore.

Few Yoga Studio names pop up and after I have gone through their course content, I reckon that “Tirisula” Yoga Studio course content show more of a traditional yoga as compare to other studio and the timing and investment are all suit me.

I asked Dorisq and Leona if they are keen to join the course together and here I am, writing the blog in the website of Tirisula Yoga Studio.