My First Encounter With Yoga

In year 2005, I received a call from a Yoga centre inviting me for a free yoga class. The person on the phone told me that my contact was given to them by one of my friend who have attended classes with them. Usually, I do not entertain such a call but for some reason which I had no idea of, I made an appointment for a trial class. At that time I was a Dance Instructor and Choreographer for several schools helping them in starting up their Modern Dance Club.

My very first Yoga class was Gentle Yoga. The class was slow and manageable. As I was not flexible in my body, I enjoyed the stretches that the class was giving me. After the class, I asked for another free class as I wanted to experience a more challenging class. I attended an Ashtanga class and I literally “died” in the class. My first impression of Gentle Yoga was just a stretching class but Ashtanga gave me the impression of difficult but awesome poses. The class was challenging in so many ways that I just wanted to learn more about this thing called Yoga.

Ways I was being challenged

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Endurance

After that Ashtanga class I signed up for a membership with a Yoga centre and attended regular classes in Gentle Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Power Yoga.