Now I can move forward…

I joined this class as a beginner with a few preconceived ideas about yoga. I knew that it involved stretching, strengthening and calming of the mind. That was it. I vaguely thought it might have something to do with India.
My goal in taking this class was not to teach, but to gain a solid foundation in my practice; something that I didn’t feel I could achieve at my gym, where teachers come in and out. In all ways, my expectations were met and exceeded! Not only is my body more flexible and stable in my poses, but I have a good beginning knowledge of what I’m supposed to focus on when I go into a pose. And I also know that it doesn’t end there. Within the action of doing a pose, there’s also breath to consider, chakras to focus on and also the intention and dedication involved in creating a practice. At this point I feel like there’s still so much to get the hang of, but as my body gets stronger and more flexible and mind mind quiets within each pose, I have a clear idea of what I need to do in order to move forward.
And hopefully, one day in the future, as my skill and awareness take shape, I’ll be able to share it with others.
September 200hr TTC

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