Mind your breathing, and live longer. Here’s how.

The Science of Yogic Breathing

Did you know?

Yogic breathing stimulates salivary secretion. Saliva has so many compounds. It is not just a digestive fluid. It has proteins, hormones, growth factors and so on – one of them was nerve growth factor.

So what?

The compounds in the saliva can be:

  • transported to the central nervous system through specific transport mechanisms
  • Or it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and available throughout the body
  • Or it can just stay there in the oral cavity to help us fight germs

Okay…So how does it help me exactly?

Nerve growth factor is a protein that helps the nerve cells/the neurons to grow, survive, withstand stress and live longer! They also found later 22 different proteins – growth factors, hormones and those are involved in various conditions, including cancer, immune response, stress and pain. The best thing is that our body is able to produce these by mindful breathing!

Mind cannot travel on its own. Mind needs a vehicle. Mind is using a horse. That horse is your breathing.

So if you want to control the mind, the rider, you have to control the vehicle, the horse – the breathing. Therefore whether you sing, chant or hum, or practice sophisticated yogic breathing techniques, mind your breathing. It will improve your health 🙂

Here are 3 simple yoga breathing techniques (pranayama): click for detailed instructions.

1. Anulom Vilomalternate nostril breathing

2. Box Breathing – this is quite self explanatory!

3. Kapalabhati – Skull shining breath – this one is the most challenging!

The trick is to start by exhaling quick and forcefully.

By Amelia Lim