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A Beginner’s guide to Yoga! What I wished I knew.

Dear Amelia, Remember, yoga is not about achieving the poses. What we should aim for is alignment – once you are in the right posture and alignment, with practice, the pose will come naturally. So if you want to tell if a yoga teacher is good or not, ask him/her

3 Yoga poses to reduce pain in the foot caused by tight plantar

A few years back, i began to feel a tightness in my right calf muscle, and some tension in the sole of my right foot, especially after hiking or a long day’s walk. I didn’t know why. But i found our recently in the yoga class that it may be

Mind your breathing, and live longer. Here’s how.

The Science of Yogic Breathing Did you know? Yogic breathing stimulates salivary secretion. Saliva has so many compounds. It is not just a digestive fluid. It has proteins, hormones, growth factors and so on – one of them was nerve growth factor. So what? The compounds in the saliva can be: