Memory – Yoga Sutras

I.11 anubhuta visaya asampramosah smrtih Memory is the unmodified recollection of words and experiences.
The movements of consciousness are fivefold (I.5).  They are caused by correct knowledge, illusion, delusion, sleep and memory (I.6).  In sutra I.11 Patanjali describes memory as the unmodified recollection of words and experiences.  The key word of this sutra is unmodified.  Think back to the last time you were in an argument.  What actions lead up to that argument?  What was your role in those actions?  Where you right?  Now remove the idea of right and wrong and reevaluate the argument.  Are there any details that your ego skipped over the first time you were recalling the memory?  The ego has the ability, and the inclination, to modify memories.  However, when recalled in their unaltered state, memories provide the basis for the discrimination to distinguish the real from the unreal.

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