My love and hate relationship with Kakasana / Bakasana

My love and hate relationship with Kakasana / Bakasana

If the title of my article caught your attention, you must be wondering why I have such strong feelings for this pose: Kakasana – Crow pose, Bakasana – Crane pose. It took me a long…long…time to lift both my feet off the ground without face crashing down.  It’s really a love and hate relationship – Fail and reset and repeat….until I learned that failure is an excellent motivator and, what’s more, it means that you put yourself out there and you tried—that’s more than most people can say.

During a yoga practice, this is often one of the first introductory pose for students new to arm balancing asana. To some students this maybe an easy pose, to the rest who had face crashed before (like me) this is a pose that had seem impossible to achieve. Not everything is going to come easily to everyone and, the things we work hard for, tend to be the most rewarding in the end. This is true not just for yoga but for everyday as well.

The following weeks…months…after several face crashed and bruises along my triceps…I managed to lift both legs up and take flight (oh short flight). To me, it felt better than something coming easily to me. This was real progress and I knew that I had worked hard to achieve it. So now, let me break down my “painful” and “torturing” experiences with Kakasana.

Kakasana – Crow pose / Bakasana – Crane pose






















Well, I have listed down all my tips for this pose. Remember not to give up, continue practicing and try not to let yourself get frustrated. Crow Pose might be difficult at first, but with dedication, your confidence will grow and you’ll fly!

Louine Liew
(Weekend warrior /YTT200 – Sep 17)










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