Karana Sharira or “The Blueprint of Creation"

Karana Sharira or the blueprint also known as a Causal body which is the sole cause for the gross and subtle bodies in the next birth of the soul that is not liberated or detached from the causal body, it controls the formation and growth of the other two bodies, and determine every aspect of the next birth.
Karana Sharira is the doorway to the higher consciousness. It links individual consciousness with the collective consciousness thus bringing security and knowledge within an individual due to the support system of the collective consciousness. All souls experiences from our past lives are stored in the causal body, it carries the information and knowledge acquired during the previous births. The infatuation and intense or deep desires for the worldly objects and pleasure, called “vasana” goes along with it.
The causal body extends from a physical body is perceived as a grid-like structure of transparent lines on a strong blue colored background. It’s a blueprint or a template for a perfect physical form.
The causal body connects to our Throat Chakra also known as Vishuddha and it must be aligned to the physical body and the magnetic core of the Earth. When it’s out of alignment the symptoms like paranoia, feeling of insecurity or fear of death can occur.
At the time of death, both the causal and astral bodies (which remain together) separate from the physical body. A physical body becomes a part of natural physical elements but the causal body or Karana Sharira goes with the non-liberated wherever the soul goes, unless the soul is completely detached or freed from it. Once the soul is completely detached from its causal body it goes to the abode of God. The soul has never have to come back to the world again except for the God’s wish.

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