Karma is the plane of action and here the exploration of the third Chakra starts. The only desire which remains true for all times and places is the desire of fulfillment. All other desires are manifestations of that one desire, the desire for completion, for self-realisation. On whatever level we vibrate, on that level we seek fulfillment.
In the first and second chakras the desire was manifested as the pursuit of money and sex. In the third chakra the dominant concern becomes identification of the ego and achievement of power. The person becomes conscious of social and political influences on the development of his personality. The ego comes into action.
According to the “Bhagavat Gita” (the famous sacred Hindu scripture) the law of karma is the law of cause and effect. From time immemorial a person has been acting in a material word and enjoyed or suffered the reactions of his own actions. His actions or karma bring his incarnation from one material body to another.
Karma is the cause of the cycle of birth and rebirth. And karma alone can win liberation from this cycle, creating both bondage and liberation.
Basically, each individual has karmic responsibilities for his own self, for his visible body and his invisible being. There are karmas in the body and consciousness. The body is the world, which contains all the elements of gross manifestation. So karma in the human body also affects the whole world.

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