My Kapha Boy

My Kapha Boy

Every day, 4pm he comes home, takes of his shoes outside (smelly feet) and walks to the fridge looking for coca-cola. He will find none. Next question is: ”When does the next fairprice delivery come?’’ ‘’On Saturday, but there won’t be any coke,’’ I say.

This is my 15year old Kapha boy.

His physical characteristics all match Kapha, not only has he always been a big boy, already heavy when he was born, getting bigger very fast, he also has thick hair and soft eyes. His skin used to be radiant, but is not anymore (pimples/puberty). He sleeps very sound and has a regular digestion (maybe I shouldn’t tell that?).

The not so good thing is, he gains weight very fast and is now an overweight teenager.

It not only puberty, that makes him cry in emotional movies, it’s also his Kapha characteristic of emotion. He is very calm, thoughtful and loving. He is not only comfortable with routine, he loves routine and steadyness. He is loyal to only a few good friends, he has known for a long time and and gets a lot of friendship back from them. He can be very patient, but maybe I should call it slow in his case😉.

Sometimes, when Kapha excesses, he gets very resistant to change and very stubborn.

Kapha people don’t get angry, it is said? Well sometimes this is not true.

So what is to do?

It important to balance this Kapha boy!

As he clings to the status quo, he needs the stimulation of new sights, sounds and experiences, so the family tries to do a lot of stuff together at the weekend, e.g. sightseeing, going to the museum or cinema. During the week he has to cling to a routine. Come home from school, do homework and everyday 30 minutes exercise in the gym. And the ‘’poor’’ boy is always watched over by the apple watch, this means no cheating over the exercise!

As I have mentioned before, there will be no soft drinks for him, at least not at home, outside nobody knows, only water.

We have reduced the intake of dairy, which is not difficult considering what you pay for cheese or yoghurt in Singapore. All beans are good for Kapha types, this is easy, he loves them. Eat a lot of vegetables is not as easy, not very popular in the teenage community. I always put the recommended pumpkin and sunflower seed in the daily salad, but if the salad is not eaten, wt…

We have limited the consumption of red meat very much and eat more chicken, but red meat doesn’t go with the climate over here anyway.

As for grains like barley, corn, millet, buckwheat and rye, I have a few suitable recipes for wholemeal breads. Another place to put pumkin and sunflower seeds in!

As for my Kapha boy, there is still a long way to go and the puberty doesn’t make it any easier to create a Kapha diet for him that is lively and full of energy and helps him to lose weight.





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