Exploring My Journey With Yoga

“Yoga? Nahhh it doesn’t sound cool and I don’t think I will be able to sit still and meditate like you do.” said the 15-year-old me as I declined my mum’s invitation to a yoga class.

Boring, suitable for the elderly, slow and dull – that was my first perception of yoga. When I was in my teens, my only hobby was playing online games. Long hours of sitting in front of the computer, not for work but for gaming and it could last up to 16 hours – 24 hours without resting. My mum would often nag and worry about me because I did not eat, sleep, rest well and I behaved like a troubled teen. The same routine went on for years until I went to university.

Fast forward to the time where I have gotten a job in Singapore and I was excited to start a new life in a new country. As a person who has just started her working life as a newbie, I was so passionate and indulged in my work that I even spend all my free time during the weekend just to get work stuffs done. One month past, following by two months, six months, and twelve months… I realized that I have been repeating the same old steps every day without fail. I started to realise how long more should I continue to spend my life like this? Kept thinking and wondering, isn’t there anything else that could spark my interest again besides work? I wanted a change as I feel like there is nothing else for me to cling onto except work.

As if my “want” was being heard by the universe, I was soon being invited to a yoga class organized and conducted by one of my acquaintances. I attended the class with the intention of supporting her, however to my surprise at the end of the class I felt that hey, overall it wasn’t that bad thou! A week later, it was so coincident that another friend of mine invited me to go for a trial class at a yoga studio. I was so excited about it! It was a hot yoga class in a hot room, I was attracted by the voice of the teacher, it is so soothing and calming that I wanted to go for more classes. Once the class ended, I vividly remembered that moment where I felt awesome! My body felt recharged and I was enjoying it so much. I decided to sign up for annual membership. Along the journey, I met great teachers, including a teacher who always inspires me in all ways until today. I changed from a person who doesn’t really have any awareness towards myself, and slowly I am able to have my mind and body connected. I felt so much improvement in my flexibility which was really encouraging and kept me going.

Well, as usual, life is always filled with ups and downs. After a few years of practices, I feel that my practice has reached a stagnant stage. I started to feel demotivating because there are certain poses that I have been practising for years, and yet still not able to achieve it. I didn’t stop my practice, but somehow I was like forcing myself to practice, it felt like I have lost my passion. Hence each time when I go for a class, even thou I was there physically, but my mind and soul weren’t there anymore, it was like a robot that takes instructions from the master and performs accordingly with muscle memory without any awareness nor emotion. 

At a point, I wish to have a change in my life again and yes, the universe heard me once again. I was being transferred to Japan and it was truly a blessing that I chance upon a yoga studio and started my Ashtanga/Mysore journey with my sensei. The biggest difference of the practice is that it is a self-practice class that I need to memorize and lead myself into the sequences. The practice requires all my attention and awareness in the class, and I learned so many new things and it totally opened my eyes to new perspectives. I learned that yoga is not only being flexible, but strength is equally important! Thanks to the sensei who was being strict during the class, I further improved so much in just a year. 

2 and half years later, I was being relocated to Singapore again and it feels nice to be back here. Encouraged by my family and friends, I have decided to take my yoga journey to the next level and here am I, going through my YTT with Tirisula Yoga. I am so thankful to have met Master Sree, and my fellow course mates – Claudia, Sandra and Sundram. I have again learnt things in different aspects which I have missed out in my past yoga journey – philosophy, spiritual, new insights and sharing every day. Happy and proud to say that we are currently in the last week of YTT, kudos that we have made it here!

This records my yoga journey started back in 2015, and I believe that there will be more to come!

P/S: All the best to the students who are going to have their exams soon! Jiayous! 🙂