Entry into Yoga

Seeing a teenage boy in your yoga class probably isn’t a very common sight, which is why many people have asked me before how I got into yoga.

My entry into yoga was quite spontaneous. Unlike many people who decided to try it out after seeing offers on Guavapass and the such, my decision to pick up yoga was much more spontaneous!

Although I’ve always known about yoga, my impression then was that it was just an exercise. So I decided to give it a shot, and started using an app together with my mum’s old exercise mat.

Initially it was really discouraging as my muscles were super tight and stretches didn’t come easily. And despite being an active member in my school’s track team, I found many of the strengthening exercises overly strenuous. But I loved challenges and yoga soon became my next favourite thing!

After about a month of so of sporadic practice at home, I decided to venture outside the comfort of my home to pick up lessons in a proper studio. Coincidentally there was one situated relatively close to my school, and I started going there for weekly lessons.

The studio was neither posh nor spacious, but the teachers there were friendly and really embodied the yoga spirit I read about online. Also despite many stigmas held against yoga, I realized that it wasn’t just some activity for “taitais” and housewives who didn’t have anything else to occupy themselves with. Instead, it was something more, and I’ve loved it since!