Doing YTTC for the second time

So this is me, doing the Yoga 200 hours TTC for the second time. I’ve done it once in Rishikesh, hence my nick ‘Rishi’, and years later, I am back again at Tirisula to do it for the second time.

Some people might think I am crazy for spending the money to do it the second time, but to me, every TTC brings a different experience as each teacher, school and friends I make is different. I was also in a different stage in my life when I did my TTC the first time and I felt that I had much more to learn despite going through the 200 hours previously. Hence my decision to go through it again in Singapore.

So, why Tirisula?

Well, other than knowing that some of the teachers I have practiced with also graduated from Tirisula, I also enjoy practicing at Tirisula so it was a no-brainer to sign up with them. Having gone through half the course, I already feel that my practice and knowledge of yoga has deepened over the past 10 days through physical practice, doing my homework and attending Anatomy and Philosophy classes.

I am excited to see where the next 10 days brings me….