Do not set a timeline for achieving a yoga pose

Many hope to achieve targets in yoga practice within a short time. For example, some individuals hope to do advanced yoga poses or long hours of mediation within a week.

That is unrealistic. If you wish to do advanced yoga poses, do not set a timeline for it. Here are some reasons:

1)            With a timeline, you might be aggressive in your yoga practice. That increases your likelihood of injuries. Even with mediation, you might be upset if you are unable to concentrate for long hours.

2)            With unrealistic targets, you might lose confidence or even be frustrated with yourself if you are unable to reach the targets.

3)            The main purpose of yoga practice is to train our self-discipline, inner heart, and mind. The ability to do advanced yoga poses is secondary.

4)            Some individuals might stop yoga practice after achieving their goals. That is not what yoga is all about.

My point is that regular practice improves self-discipline. In turn, this would improve your body and abilities. In fact, your body changes so slowly that you are unlikely to notice it. With that, you can achieve the true purpose of yoga practice.