Debunking Myths to Yoga

I love yoga because of the health and mental benefits it brings about. I want to be able to share and spread yoga to others so that they too can feel the benefits. I want to share some of the ‘excuses’/reasons I’ve heard people say and debunk these ‘myths’.
#Myth 1: I am not flexible.
You don’t have to be! In fact, all the more reason to practice yoga as it will help you gain flexibility with constant stretching and practice. If you are not flexible now, you will lose more and more of your mobility over time, and this could be detrimental to your well-being as you age.
#Myth 2: It’s religious.
Yoga has no religion. It has a spiritual dimension to it but it is your choice whether or not you choose to pursuit that dimension. Otherwise, yoga is very much science, involving anatomy & physiology. Asanas have effect on our cardiovascular system, digestive system and even endocrine system as some postures aids in increasing blood supply to these glands, while prana yama has effect on our respiratory system and nervous system because breath is the connection between the mind and body.
#Myth 3: It’s for ladies.
Yoga was practiced mainly by men many, many years ago. That being said, yoga can be tough and difficult and men very often find a yoga class tougher than the ladies do. I would wish for my male counterparts to drop their ego and be more opened minded to take their first step at experiencing a yoga class.
#Myth 4: I’m not fit enough/ It looks boring.
There are many styles of yoga. Doing some research to learn the different styles can help you to find something to suit your preference and ability. For example, if you want something relaxing, you can choose gentle yoga or yin yoga which focuses more on passive poses, while ashtanga/vinyasa flow classes are more active and require a higher level of fitness.
In conclusion, yoga is suitable for anyone and everyone, young or old, fit or fat, spiritual or non-spiritual.
Light and love,
Lynne S