Bhoj Kriya – how to eat consciously

Ever heard of a saint woman who can live without eating by practising certain kind of Kriyayoga technique – Yogini Giri Bala? She has proven that food is not complete source of energy and this can be further proven by many people who eat so little but still showed significant strength and capacity to perform daily works.

The practice of eating food is commonly known as Bhoj (food) Kriya (disciplined action or practice). Here comes the important question – How to eat consciously and turn it as a practice in obtaining optimal health? A few examples are as follows:

  • When food is served right in front of you, you are receiving gift from the creator of food. Bow down a little to show gratitude.
  • Before digging in, you may touch your shoulders as a sign of strength, touch your heart as a sign of compassion, touch your knees as a sign of strength. Then, put your hand onto the food to bless it.
  • Feel and hold the food with your five fingers (Thumb – Mars, Index finger – Jupiter, Middle finger – Saturn, Ring finger – Sun and Little finger – Mercury. Feel the union of the food becoming a part of you and vice versa.
  • Now that the food has an identity with you, talk to the food – “I brought you here to become a part of me. So, what are you going to do to me?”
  • Eat slowly, there is no hurry. Take in slowly. Chew slowly. Taste slowly and thoroughly. Each time you swallow, mouth should be fully clear from its existence before the next one.

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