Beyond Asanas…

I was always the adept of the Asanas, and belived that the body will get purified while the mind will follow respectively. I thought there is no yoga without Asana, and we can not have a steady still mind without some heat, sweat and “tapas”.

As this YTT experience became an observational one for me for the moment, I was absolutely convinced that I will lose the essence of the whole journey. Strangely enough, it’s not at all the case. I am happy to have the chance to see beyond the asanas, and without rushing into the pose or even without doing any physical movement my mind became more steady, I am more focus and have more energy. I started deepen more pranayama, swadhyaya and the most difficult one self-discipline.

I start to understand that through yoga we don’t play with the body but we shape the mind, through different tools. Slightly I got an idea of how to ignore the wandering of the mind for not loosing energy, how to direct it on what matters. Of course, discipline is dry, cruel and has no pity, especially in the morning when rather than starting the whole “why, what, snooze, is it worth it?!” inner monologue, I just direct that negotiation energy to get one leg out of the bed, then the second, one last effort the upper body, and leave as quick as I can the warm, cozy bed. When I won this fight for 15 days consecutively, I got more confident and realized that actually all the resistance of the comfort zone is an imaginary inertia of some sweet- bad habits… which leads nowhere.

Discipline might be the key of everything we do in yoga and in life in general. Is the part of the 8 limbs of Yoga that the Western yoga ignores gracefully in teaching as it’s uncomfortable and less fancy for the urban students. To achieve discipline the only enemy we need to convince, weaken and redirect is within us, so better not defeat it but make it an ally.

However we enjoy the journey, no matter what we discover along it. 🙂


G.O (YTT 2017) 

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