Asana Technique

Technique (Getting into the pose)
1. Sit with traight legs, feet together. Engage  thighs to open hamstrings.
2.   Bend the right knee and put the foot on the floor, with the heel as close to the right sitting bone as possible.  Keep the left leg strong and rotated slightly inward; ground the head of the thigh bone into the floor.
3. Press the back of the left heel and the base of the big toe away from the pelvis. Also press the inner right foot actively into the floor, but soften the inner right groin to receive the pubis as you twist. Grounding the straight-leg thigh and bent-knee foot will help you lengthen spine, which is always the first prerequisite of a successful twist.
4. IN: Elevate spine. Rotate body on the right, flex left arm and give left shoulder in front, raise left arm up to touch the right thigh.
5. Lengthen the spine upwards, bend the left elbow and push left armpit in to external right knee (EX).
5. Lift right hand, pull (supinate) the right shouder in the direction of behind back. Flex the right elbow and right hand touch left finger, left hand, right band hold left wrist (IN).
6. Rotate head in the direction of the left (EX).
       Hold pose 30 sec, regular breath.
       Repeat on the other side
 Technique (Getting out the pose)
    – Inhaling and hold, return spine to stretching, return the head, release the arm and eyes look at ahead.
  – Exhaling, straighten the right leg and sit Dandasana       .
      Repeat with the left position
The muscles to strengthen
      –  Erector spinae muscle
–          Sermispinalis capitis muscle
–          Longisisimus thoracis muscle
–          Spinalis thoracis muscle
–          Iliocostalis luborum muscle
     – Spine less flexible
     –  Belly to
     – Hands are not reaching out after
    – when turn right, left hand can hold right foot

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