Appreciating the Skeletal System

Often under-appreciated and taken for granted is our skeletal system. Most of the time when practicing asanas or just any day to day activity, we are only focused on the “muscle movements”, “muscle engagements” and the sort. Sometimes we even forget that our bones are critical factors in coordinating such movements too. Only upon breaking a limb do most people get reminded that without healthy, functional bones, many movements become impeded.

The skeletal system bears most of the force/weight from our day to day activities, gradually developing bone mass to areas that need it the most i.e our heels due to constant walking. Especially in many years as a long distance runner, having bone injuries was more pressing than muscular injuries (contrary to popular belief). At the first hint of pain in our shins, my teammates would immediately seek out physiotherapists to check for shin splints.

Similarly in yoga, bone mass grows on your skull with constant headstands, knees with repeated standing balances, and even wrists for arm balances.

Unbeknownst to us our skeletal system constantly has to adapt to our vigorous activities, especially as yoga practitioners, and plays a greater role in managing our asanas than we accredit it for.

Last but not least, it is always there to shield our organs in the event of a bad fall!