A Yogi or Yoga Practitioner?

In the most layman way I would describe the differences of this above would be:

Yogi: vegetarian, practises yoga daily, believes in yoga fully as the only true way of living, healing and strives to attain true enlightenment (this word is very vague but I guess, It must be true to a certain extend given that so many people are after it). Drinks from the river, lives in the mountain. – I’m sure there’s a lot more to this but that’s all I perceive thus far. 

Yoga Practitioner: we take whatever we learn in yoga and apply it to our daily lives in this world. 

As my master would say: “Let yoga refine you. and not do things for yoga.” 

Labels as we put it doesn’t matter that much I guess. We have a need to define ourselves and define everybody else but in this material world, it doesn’t matter much if you were to believe whatever of yourself or everyone else. In this journey of YTT, I find myself listening to my instincts more and accepting the world as it is. Labels fall to the ground when you focus more on what’s within when you speak to another human being. 

Yoga thus far has only made me more me and let me accept others for being them. That’s my yoga philosophy. If it matters at all, I am not a yogi but a yoga practitioner. haha.

p.s: this is just my opinion. Shalom.