4 ways to heal the digestive system through yoga

Most people do not go into yoga with the idea of improving their digestion or metabolism. However, the practice, which has wondrous benefits for the body, does in fact, include interesting ways to improve the digestive system. Here are some of the ways:

  1. There are three types of food in yogic philosophy, namely, sattvic foods, rajasic foods and tamasic foods. Comparatively, sattvic foods are relatively better than rajasic and tamasic foods. As such, these pure foods would also aid in one’s digestion. Pure foods, particularly fibre, help to stimulate the process of digestion and elimination. Fibre can be found in vegetables, fruits and grains. 

2. As for Asanas, a series of twisting poses would help cleanse the digestive organs and improve their functions. These could include trikonasana, parivrita trikonasana, parivrita utkatasana, marichyasana C & D, supta matsyendrasana and pawanmuktasana. Some of these poses also help to relieve bloating or gases.

3. There are some cleansing techniques like Agnisar Kriya and Nauli which are targeted at digestive system to fire it up. This is best practised at the start of the day before any food is consumed.

3. Pranayama techniques like kapalabati is also great for healing the digestive system. The practitioner should be able to engage the force from the lower abdomen for maximum effect. 

Written by: HT