Better than the gym

I signed up for a gym membership about a year ago. Oh how I wished I had spent it on more yoga classes. Not that gymming is bad, I’m just saying that yoga seems way more efficient to me.
You see, upon arriving at the gym, you still have to warm up and start your reps with a low weight, then gradually increase the weight. Typically, I’d say I used to spend at least 2 hours in the gym to work out 2 muscle groups. A yoga class is about an hour’s long – including warmup up, and you get to work your whole body. It’s efficient and it gets the job done. Even in a simple sun salutation, I can increase my heart rate to supply more oxygen to my muscles, mobilise my joints to get it to produce protective synovial fluid and ease my body into stretches. As for the gym, I would probably have to run to get my heart rate up, then do some stretching and joint articulations at the side before finally moving on to a station.
Another reason I find yoga to be more appealing than the gym is simply because it’s a “kill two birds with one stone” situation. With yoga, you gain flexibility and strength. In the gym, all you get is strength and tight, chunky muscles that would probably make you scream when massaged. Well, if that’s the aesthetic you’re going for, you do you honey. But… wouldn’t it be a better flex to be strong AND flexible at the same time? Look, there’s a reason why someone could look really buff and have 6 pack abs and still not be able to do what we do here in yoga; and I’m not just talking about flexibility. Yoga targets the deep muscles of the body, or what you call the true muscles of the body. These muscles are the muscles that stabilise you and allow you to do some pretty cool party moves to show off (rather than just lifting your shirt and flexing your bicep).
And now the best for the last – yoga caters to everybody and is suitable for even the elderly, or people with injuries and medical conditions.