Yoga and me.

Yoga derives from the word ” Yug” which means Union. 

To some people, yoga is a religion, it can also be a form of exercise. To others, it’s a lifestyle. It doesn’t really matter what it is to anyone as long as one finds their own reason(s) to practise; to find time to be on the mat. 

The constant challenge to bring the physical body to greater strength and getting into seemingly difficult postures with grace and immense balance is equally fulfilling and humbling at the same time. Our mind will find ways and means to distract ourselves from the pain but yet that small still voice within holds us together for a few more breathes. The conversations one will be having with the rest about their relationship and philosophy of what yoga is helps us all understand that human ideas are all just made up of different thoughts from different cultures. And the more we expose ourselves and be open to receive and share, learning to discern what works and does not work for us and yet not judge everything. 

That’s probably what it means by having union. 

Yoga to me is more than any of the words I can describe. Some days, it’s exercise, some days, it’s an idea. And some days, it feels like a cult. Above all, I actually don’t think it matters at all ◡̈  peace!