Yoga and I

Yoga is a self-development method with the ultimate goal of self-realization and transcendence. Yoga practice is fundamentally opposed to what we see in the material world. We are obsessed with getting results as soon as possible. Immediate gratification is psychologically toxic. We often lose interest or give up if we do not get the results we want fast. However, in yoga, gratification may take a long time to arrive. I believe we must invest significant time, energy, and effort before we can expect to see results. That is why we need theory to back up our yoga practice. We require a philosophy that reminds us of what is truly important, motivating and inspiring us to return to practice daily.

Yoga philosophy helps me connect to what is more profound and authentic within myself; these are aspects of ourselves that are often ignored or honoured.

The philosophy of yoga is still relevant today. The ancient yogis who walked this path before us left us with vast knowledge and stories. We can use this theory in our daily practice. Both aspects gradually feed off one another, bringing out the best in us. Yoga philosophy has taught me to broaden my consciousness in ways I never thought possible.