Working Society Today and The Yamas

When I was introduced the theory of 5 Yamas, it kind of amazed me that even this philosophy exists in Yogic practice. I have been somehow practicing these theories in my life through what I read from law of attraction, we are what we attract. It is inevitable to feel unhappiness and unfairness in our course of work in today’s society, however instead of dwelling on the unhappiness, why don’t we let go and be positive, we would be happier in our lives, at least I can vouch for that. I found the below 3 Yamas especially applicable to our daily working lives.
Very often in this dog eat dog world, everyone in the corporate world fends for themselves, you get betrayals from people whom you regard as friends. Everyone is often fast to criticised and judge others, but failed to self reflect on themselves. We often fall into the trap of harvesting anger towards that certain someone. Stop and ask yourself, what have you gain from feeling all these anger towards that someone, it doesn’t change anything right? So why don’t we take things with a pinch of salt, be zen and replace those feelings and thoughts with positivity? Nothing is impossible, so always remember, when shit hits the fan, it can always be resolved if you would just let go and not hold on to your stubborn negative feelings.
We should always be truthful in our way of living, actions and words. In today’s working society, do we see that very often? No? We all know that people love gossiping, people say things to hurt another, to get what they want. We should really refrain from doing that. What do we gain from hurting someone? To me, all it does is bring you bad karma, and remember, what goes around comes around.
I believe everyone do encounter someone in that organization who does nothing but takes credit for what others have done. For that someone who does this, they often act in this manner due to their greed for power, recognition. In today’s competitive environment that we are in, many people unknowingly falls into this rat race of fighting for power. So don’t be in that rat race circle.
At the end of the day, it is very important that we are able to control our 1st Yama – Ahimsa, achieving that we will be able to bring the other 4 Yamas into our practice towards a happier, healthier life.

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