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We had our final exams today, it was a very intense and sweaty practice but fun at the same time.  You can see everybody at their best alignment, drishti and pranayama.  Everybody looked so graceful and beautiful with all the asanas.  At some point, there were cards layed on the

Bhujangasana, the cobra pose

1) ANATOMY:- Banda and Pranayam- Keep breathing deeply to the abs region using Ujjai Breath and lock the Muladhara. BHUJANGASANA (Cobra Pose) boo-jang GAHS-anna bhujang = serpent (bhuja = arm or shoulder + anga = limb) Classification and Level:- Basic prone backbending pose Joint Actions Spine extention; sacrum counternutation; hip extension,

Bhujangasana: Almost Perfect

More commonly known as “cobra”, bhujangasana could come as close to a perfect pose as can be. Lying on your stomach, keeping your feet together, you connect yourself with your body and bring your awareness to the flowing movement of the pose. Bringing your hands to each side, just below