Reminders to an Out of Balance Pitta

Do you have the following characteristics?

  1. You are a “walking heater” (i.e. your body temperature is always warm)
  2. You get hungry easily (i.e. strong appetite)
  3. Your fingers always stain mirrors, glasses or smooth surfaces (i.e. slightly oily skin)

In the meantime, do you have the following symptoms?

  1. Suffering from skin irritations, such as rashes and acne
  2. Strong body odour
  3. Hot temper with an aggressive attitude

If you do, fret not! You’re not alone and there’s a possibility you might be just like me – an out of balance Pitta.

What is a Pitta Dosha?

Pitta dosha is made up of predominantly the fire (Agni) element and some water (Jal), similar as the weather in Singapore – hot and humid.  The primary function of Pitta is transformation.  Hence, Pitta dosha controls the important functions of digestion of food, i.e. transforming food into energy and heat.

In Ayurveda, where like attracts like, it’s easy for Pitta to be out of balance in hot and humid weather if not mindful of the food consumed and one’s lifestyle.  If you’re eating pitta food and doing pitta activities during Pitta season (like Singapore) you’re more likely to see your Pitta qualities increase inside of you.  Therefore, an out of balance Pitta should aim to do the opposite because the opposites will bring us into harmony.

So, good reminders to the out of balance Pitta in Singapore:-

Food Consumption is Crucial for Pitta

Since Pitta dosha controls the functions of digestion of food, to keep a Pitta balance, the very first thing to look into would be the food consumption by a Pitta.

Myself, for one, will get irritated and frustrated if I have a hot peppery soup on a hot sunny day (and without air conditioning adjusted to 16 degrees Celsius!).

Thus, it is recommended that Pittas take foods which are cool and refreshing, sweet and bitter are also great!  Pittas should reduce foods which are oily, hot, salty and anything fermented or fried.  For example:-   

 Fruits – Apple and Pear

√ Vegetables – Cucumber and Bitter gourd

 Beverages – Milk and Yogurt Drinks

 Spices – Cilantro and Mint

 Dessert – Ice-cream

X Fruits – Durian

X Vegetables – Garlic and Onion

X Beverages – Hot Chocolate Drinks

X Spices – Chilli

X Fermented Food – Stinky Toufu

Lifestyle Adjustment for Pittas

It is fundamental that Pittas always keep themselves cool – physically and emotionally.  Heat, anger, fear, stress and constant pressure aggravate Pittas.  So, it’s important to keep in mind the following:

 Wear breathable clothing with cooling effect

 Exercise during the cooler time of the day, such as early morning, or in a cooler environment

Apply Brahmacharya (moderation) in all things

Avoid conflict

Control your anger and frustration

Eat in peaceful environment.  Do not eat in a rush!

Don’t skip meals.  Keep healthy snacks within reach to avoid being “hangry” (hungry + angry)

Practice Shavasana (Corpse Pose) after each yoga practice