Self Realization

BodyMindSpiritLeast expected, the course covers Life Philosophy liked The Eight Limbs of Ashtanga/Raja Yoga and The Four Paths of Yoga. It is always very intriguing discussion with fellow classmates and some thoughts apply to our daily life. None of my Yoga instructors classes I attened (Basic and Intermediate) shared such information within 1.5hrs session. It would be good if yoga teachers at least touch base such information with the intermediate class students not in details but for awareness before the class starts. It is good for intermediate student moving 1 step forward prepares for the mind development and not just stop at physical training without knowing the meaning of yoga.
Now that the more I learned, I realised there are more that I don’t know. There are so much more than just the physical training.
In order to keep and focus on my purpose, lots of discipline, strength and stability needed. The triangle means a lot to me.  I have to improve my Pranayana especially inhale 6 secs consistently.

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