Choosing a YTT, reflections

I wanted to share some reflections about choosing your Yoga Teachers Training. I came to this journey with a lot of expectations and hope, excited about what I thought would be a life-changing event. So as I come to a close, I see it relevant to share with you, whoever you are, who is considering pursuing this journey and joining a YTT, some pointers and recommendations that can hopefully be helpful for you in this process. 

The most important thing I would tell my past self is: be involved in your decision. A YTT is a huge commitment, time, effort, and money-wise. This is why you need to make the decision from a place of deep understanding, of yourself, your expectations, and the place and teacher you choose. 

So research the studio you want to join, ask former students of YTT of this particular place and teacher and ASK ASK ASK, ask who is going to be teaching, how they teach, what they focus on, what kind of materials they use, etc. Go to the place and feel the vibe in the studio (check for things that might be important for you like natural light, good ventilation, a water fountain, showers, the cleanliness of the place, and the toilets! after all you are going to spend here a good amount of your time!). I assume that if you are aiming to pursue this, you have been practicing yoga for a while, so also ask your favorite teachers about their journey, listen to their recommendations, they have walked this path before you. And most importantly, check if the Master/teacher leading the course matches what you expect from a teacher. In the end, you are going to learn from his/her experience, philosophy, and approach to yoga, so if this is someone you haven’t met before, maybe take some of their classes and get to know them first. See if their philosophy goes with you and make the best-informed decision. 

Yoga, this journey, is about self-discovery, and I learned a lot about that: to listen more to myself and to care about the things that matter to me, to allow me to spend more time exploring the activities that I enjoy, leaning hard into the things that I know I value and not compromising, nor delegating my life decisions to other people. In the end, you know yourself best 🙂 

Wish you the very best in your yoga teacher’s training journey, wherever you decide to pursue it!