My favorite Pranayama – Bhramari !

My favorite Pranayama – Bhramari !

If you would have been someone who is interested in fitness, you would have realized by now that between physical and mental fitness, the mental fitness takes the highest priority. Now a days our lives are so busy, that while we have managed to concentrate on the physical fitness there is no time to take care of our mental fitness. Thats where Yoga balances things as it is all about connecting your body with your mind. Yoga gives priority to the mental fitness and this starts with something referred as PRANAYAMA.

Pranayama is a path towards increasing the vital energy which is required for basic functioning of our body – referred to as Prana. Without Prana the human body will perish. This Prana is the energy which keeps us going mentally and physically. And, ayama means lengthen or gain control. With this – as the name suggest Pranayama is about gaining control of the energy through regulation of the breath.

Before I joined Yoga, my understanding was that breath is a common phenomenon and it is the basic capability of the human body to breath and in turn send the required prana to all parts of the body. However, when I joined my Yoga classes and started learning more about Yoga & Pranayama, I realized that there are many techniques of regulated breathing which is being used to gain energy. This Prana when reaches to our Nadis and chakras it keeps the human being healthy from inside and outside. In our busy lives, sometime not paying attention to our breath might lead to blockages resulting into irregular flow of our prana to chakra and Nadia which becomes cause of worries, tension and other mental and physical problems.

There are many types of pranayama, however we will talk here about my favourite –  Bhramari.

Bhramari name is derived from an India Black Bee which visits different flowers and makes a humming sound. This Pranayama technique can be practiced at any quiet corner. The natural calming effect of the humming sound calms down the nerves around the forehead and brain.

How do we do it:

  • Find a quiet place around – it can be at home, office or any other place
  • Sit on a comfortable position with both eyes closed and bring a smile on your face
  • Place your thumb on the cartilage which exists near your ear
  • Take a long breath and start making a high-pitched bee like sound, repeat this for 11-16 times


  • Long breath taken during Bhramhari reaches every cell of your brain which takes away your anxiousness and frustrations
  • This also helps to cure insomnia or sleeping issues
  • It helps to increase memory and concentration power
  • It improves hearing capacity
  • This exercise when done calms down your mind instantly if you are going through agitation or frustration
  • This helps for curing of Migraine and Epilepsy