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You Are What You Eat

Gunas are the qualities representing the natural evolutionary process, and anything in nature has these qualities such as people, activities, and of course even the food we eat. The 3 gunas are Sattva (pure), Raja (stimulating) and Tama (dull). While each of us has all these three qualities, there is

A Greater Appreciation for Yoga Teachers

I never really seriously thought about what it takes to become a yoga teacher. The very few times it crossed my mind before, I thought it was just mastering different sequences and learning how to clearly give instructions to students. Boy was that assumption so inadequate! Now that I’m doing

Yoga is for Everyone

I cannot believe I am only two weeks away from completing my 200-hour yoga teacher training! Back track to March last year when I started practicing yoga, I never would have thought of pursuing a course like this, attempting to teach or even deepening my practice. How could I? My