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Tirisula Yoga conducts Reiki Courses in Singapore. Participants will receive attunement from the Reiki Grand Master and also practice the steps in self-healing and healing others. Read about what is Reiki energy and the benefits of Reiki.


“Second degree Reiki is very powerful. 
Your life may not will not be the same after this attunement.
I am making this statement from personal experience and also 
from seeing and reading experiences of other Reiki Masters.”

Reiki Grand Master


Responses from Participants of Reiki Courses (Singapore):

Reiki is another path of exploration along the path. Not so much about theory though, most of it is about experiencing. The feeling is unexplainable and amazing. I used to doubt energy healing, crystal healing and all… not until I learn Reiki from Tirisula Yoga.

Reiki Courses (Singapore) is split into few levels, namely level 1, level 2, level 3a and level 3b. We are following the Dr Mikao Usui Method. The description of these levels are as follow.

Reiki Level 1:

This level introduces the learner on self-healing and ‘hands-on’ healing for others. Participants will learn about subtle energies, aura, Reiki energy, history of Reiki, chakras and procedure of self-healing and hands-on healing. Grand Master teaches the participants the various hand positions to allow Reiki to flow for self-healing and for healing others.  Participants will also experience sensations before and after Reiki attunement, practice self-healing and hands-on healing on others. Reiki meditation will also be taught.

Fees: SGD 400

Reiki Level 2:

This level is for more intense healing, healing others, distance healing and space clearing. Distance healing allows the healer to heal another person without them being present at the same place. Space clearing is to clear negativities at a location such as house, shop, office etc. Participants will receive a level 2 attunement, after which Reiki energy will flow dramatically. You will learn how to use symbols for healing and more practical work and familiarizing with procedures. Participants will take turns to heal one another and share their experiences.

Fees: SGD 400

If you sign up for 2 levels together: SGD 700 for both levels

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Reiki Level 3a:

This is a Reiki Master Healer Level for more intense and precise healing. Participants will be attuned to the 3rd degree symbol.  Participants will receive a level 3 attunement, learn new symbols and practice the healing procedures.  Participants will also learn past life healing, relationship management, health management through Reiki and sharing experiences with the Grand Master.

Reiki Level 3b:

This is a Reiki Grand Master Healer Level which the Master Healer can attune others to be able to receive Reiki energy. A master healer (Level 3a) with at least 3 years of healing experience can seek a Reiki Grand Master to be attuned to Grand Master Level. He/she has to be pure in thinking, positive attitude and good ethics. It is at the discretion of the Reiki Grand Master to accept the student. After attunement, the student has to co-teach a few batches of Reiki courses (Singapore) with the Grand Master.



Reiki Master Healer Course (including Level 1, 2, 3a and 3b!)

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