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What Does Meditation Do? I’ve always thought of yoga as a predominantly physical practice and meditation as a predominatly mental one. But as it turns out, yoga is actually about much more than holding poses. The confusion lies in the fact that yoga – as it is practiced outside of

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Biggest Introspective Realisation During the YTT If asked about one of my key takeaways from this course, I would have to say it was learning more about myself. This was a realisation from two lessons: (1) The lesson on Karma; and (2) The lesson on Chakras. So to better contextualise

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What even is a yogic diet? One of my favourite parts of learning about yoga was learning about the yogic approach to foods. In this post, I will share about two misconceptions that I’ve since corrected. #1: There are no “good” or “bad” foods. I always thought about this in

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5 Things You Never Knew About The Yoga Pose – Downward Facing Dog 1 -Downward-facing dog is considered an inversion! This is because in this posture, your head is below your heart. Inversions improve blood flow to your brain (thanks gravity!) and can help to relax the nervous system, reduce