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Anatomical analysis of Utkatasana [Muscular System]

In this blog post, I will be discussing the chair pose (or ‘Utkatasana’) from a muscular perspective. The reason that the chair pose was one of the first postures that popped into my mind was that I always felt extremely tired in this pose despite its apparent ‘ease’ – even

Self-expression through Yoga

I had always possessed a keen interest in the Arts since I was young. I started dancing when I was young, even pursuing it as a potential career pathway at one point. When I suffered from an injury that prevented me from dancing for a period, I turned to listening

Growing through hardships

In Patanjali’s Eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, the second limb (Niyama) discusses freedom from all observances. Some of the greatest shackles of our minds lie in our experiences and perceptions of the physical world – how we perceive our bodies, emotions, and challenges in life – and how we let

A little lesson on breathing

The first time I had any experience with meditation was a one-day Vipassana course. This was nearing my A Level exams which was a stressful period, and I was recommended by a family member to attend. I was open-minded but wasn’t sure whether what I was going to learn would