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Anatomical analysis of Utkatasana [Muscular System]

In this blog post, I will be discussing the chair pose (or ‘Utkatasana’) from a muscular perspective. The reason that the chair pose was one of the first postures that popped into my mind was that I always felt extremely tired in this pose despite its apparent ‘ease’ – even

Utkatasana: Maybe not the most comfortable Chair!

Utkatasana – ( pronounciation: OOT-kah-TAHS-anna) Utkatasana is commonly referred to as “chair pose” since it resembles a person seating in an invisible chair ; however, to understand the depth of this pose, is important to understand the meaning behind the name.  “Utkatasana” is derived from the Sanskrit words: “Utkata” which means “fierce”, “powerful”,

Utkatasana = stability!

  Removing the chair Utkatasana is known as the powerful, or fierce pose. These names are derived from the sanskrit word Utkata meaning mighty. ‘Chair pose’ is also commonly used to describe this asana as the action is similar to that of sitting on a chair, except that you have to balance yourself,

The fierce chair pose

Utkatasana, which is one of the toughest standing asanas, lives up to its name. Also known as the ‘chair pose’ by virtue of its resemblance to a chair, ‘Utkata’ means powerful and fierce. This pose increases strength, balance and stability.   To get into the pose, one stands in Tadasana.