Zucchini gratin with coconut cream and turmeric

This receipt is ideal for Yoga practitioners as it has a good balance of ingredients between the 3 gunas: sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic ingredients. In this vegan recipe you will find a good balance of French and Asian flavour. French for the gratin style and Asian brought by turmeric and coconut cream. This recipe make your zucchinis really amazing!

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For 2-3 personnes

Preparation: 20 mins

Cooking time: 20 mins

Difficulty: Easy


2 zucchinis or 3 big to cook for 4 – Sattvic effect

1 big yellow oignon – Tamasic effect

1 vegetarian stock cube – Rajasic effect 

3 ts of turmeric – Sattvic effect

Olive oil – Rajasic effect

15 cl of coconut cream – Sattvic effect

Red chilli – Rajasic effect


1. Pre heat your oven at 200°C.

2. Spell zucchinis/oignons and cut them.

3. Heat oignons first slowly for 5 mins and add zucchinis cut in a round shape, let it cook for another 10 mins

4. Add turmeric and chili stir for one minute

5. Add the vegetarian stock cube and two glasses of boiled water

Note: you don’t need to add salt in this recipe as the vegetarian cube is salty already

Optional: at this step you can add 3 tea spoon of brown rice.

6. Once cooked and when you have only a little bit of water left in your pan pour the coconut cream and stir for one minute.

7. Put your mix into a baking pan  

8. Put it in your oven and wait for 20mins


For a more sattvic dish, you can remove some of the rajasic food: 

  • Remove the vegetarian block 
  • Remove the red chili
  • Replace olive oil by coconut oil


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