Going Hard-Core for a Hard Core

Hello everyone!

I’m sure all of you are aware that having a strong core is essential, not just to get into various types of of asana but also to live a quality life.

A strong core helps protect our internal organs, keep our spine healthy and prevents injury, reducing the likelihood of having back pain.

Getting that Instagram-worthy photo with six-packs is also a great motivation 😉

Here are some of my favorite exercises to build a strong core. 


1) Straight-Leg Sit Up

For this exercise, work on keeping your legs on the ground. You can get a partner to press your lower legs on the floor. Keep your neck neutral.

Do this for 8 counts x 2 reps.


2) Raised-Leg Crunch

Raise your legs to mid-air, keeping a 90 degrees angle between your lower legs and your thighs.

Crunch Up x 8 counts x 2 reps.


3) Bicycle Crunch

For this exercise, flex your left knee towards you and extend the right leg towards the front.

Aim to reach your right elbow to touch the left knee. 

Release and do the opposite side.

This is counted as 1 count.

Do 8 counts x 1 rep with slow motion.

Then, do 8 counts x 1 rep with fast motion.


4) V Crunch

Start with forming a V shape with your hip on the floor, knees bent.

Then, straighten your legs and lower your back towards the floor at the same time.

Keep both your lower body and upper body off the floor.

Then, go back to the V shape position. This is counted as 1 count.

Do this for 8 counts x 2 reps.


5) Straight-Leg Raise

Start with your back on the floor and legs up, feet pointing towards the ceiling, forming a 90 degrees angle between your legs and the floor.

Slowly, lower down to 60 degrees – 45 degrees – 20 degrees. 

For each position, stay for 5 breathes.

From 20 degrees, slowly move back up to 45 degrees – 60 degrees – 90 degrees.

This is counted as 1 rep.

Repeat for another rep.

Remember to breathe at all times 😉 


6) Scissor Kicks

Start with both legs pointing towards the ceiling.

Move your legs in a scissor-like motion – left feet pointing towards the right and right feet pointing towards the left side of the body.

Switch sides.

This is one count. Do this for 8 counts x 2 reps.


7) Heel Touches

Start with a crunch position and straighten both arms with fingers pointing towards the heels.

Reach your left hand towards your left feet. Then, move back to center and reach your right hand towards your right feet.

This is one count. Do this for 8 counts x 2 reps.

Do try it out and all the best in getting those strong abs!!!




Ziyu 😉

September 2017 Weekend Class


Credit Time

  • Special thanks to Sharon for taking the pictures for me, letting me use her mat, and allowing me to do this in her office 🙂
  • Special thanks to my pole instructor Joey. These exercises are actually part of the warm-up routine that she uses in her class!