Asana Practice (Reflection)

I started my yoga journey in Dec 2013, self-practicing. To me, it was just a physical practice; I was attracted to the fanciful asanas that I see on social media. Whenever I failed in my attempt, I would dwell on it and push myself harder. My egoistic mind is actively engaged in self-criticism, judging and comparing myself with others.
Asanas is an essential part of yoga. However, it’s merely a fraction of it. What’s far more important is the spiritual practice with the physical part. It requires a lot of focus, together with synchronized breathing to execute a series of postures or in asanas. This, in fact, is more difficult than just executing the poses.
It is not a workout practice. It is the cessation of mind and body to get in touch with the Self, the soul. At all times, it should be performed in complete awareness- awareness in breathing (prana): not too shallow nor too fast; awareness in mind: steady and calm; and gaze (drishti): soft and focused. It should be done with no intention (raja yoga), and regardless of the outcome. If one is able to perform asanas in this manner, it will help us to sit in peace during meditation.
All that being said, it brings me back to my focus- to be present and be contented with my asana practice without expecting any outcome.
J (Nov 2014, 200Hr Weekday)

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