YTT Journey (Reflection)

I had no idea this month of my life would fly past just like that, somehow still in disbelief that it is actually coming to an end. It is indeed a life changing experience for me. Was completely clueless for what I had signed up for initially, but I’m so glad I still did.
My class of 19 students, consists of people from different background, different nationalities, different stages of life and different aims and goals. To go through this journey with them was absolutely inspiring. Not forgetting to mention the master trainers of Tirisula Yoga, who have helped me deepen my practice physically, mentally and spiritually.
I was wrong when I thought that it was going to be easy. Just 5 rounds of Surya Namaskar A and B each are enough to send me perspiring all over from head to toe. I definitely felt stronger with the quality and quantity of practice we had. When performing asanas, we were also taught to focus on the present and not to think about the outcome. With the complete awareness and focus, I was surprised at how my asana practice escalated so quickly.
As we dived deeper into the philosophy of yoga, I was deeply intrigued. Who knew there’s so much philosophical study behind yoga? The eight limbs of yoga serves as a guideline for us to lead a happy and meaningful life, which brings us back to the fact that we are who we are, regardless of our religion or our beliefs. It is the actions, thoughts and words that define who we are as a person, not the religion.
The more I discover, the more I learn and practice, the more passionate I become in the life-changing effects it can have physically, mentally and spiritually. I would love to spread the knowledge and practice with anyone else, imparting my practice throughout my entire lifetime.
J (Nov 2014, 200Hr Weekday)

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