YTT at Tirisula

Here comes the last day of our YTT. 20 lessons over 10 weekends seemed long at the beginning, I can recall the feeling of physical tiredness and muscles soreness after the two lessons back in July. Now all the time has passed and we have completed the course in a blink of eyes!
I have learnt so much from the YTT. Not only improvement in performing asanas and building physical strength, also the new language to me – Sanskrit, the yoga theory, breathing techniques, meditation, body anatomy and more of the nature. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Master Sree, Master Paalu and Master Satya, for all the knowledge, lessons and experience you have shared with us. Not forgetting my dear friends in the YTT, Kristle, Fiona, Yousra and Neng Du, who had encouraged each other to improve ourselves, sharing information and helping each other during the entire course. All the lessons would not be as fun without you guys 😀 

When I signed up for the course, it was for my own improvement and I have no intention of teaching. But now, I wouldn’t mind to share what I know from yoga, how to improve our practice, helping and guiding through the practice. I also hope that I will learn more as the journey goes on.