Young to Mid – Aged Semi Fit Yoga Beginners with Back Problems – 75 min

Warm up standing (appx. 10 min)
Joint movements from head , shoulders, sides, hips, knees, ankles.
Asanas (appx. 50 – 55 min.)
1. On the floor
2. Cat and cow
3. Downward facing dog
4. Ushtrasana ( variation hands on the hips)
Transition to standing from downward facing dog
5. Tiryaka Tadasana
6. Trikonasana
7. Parivritta Trikonasana
8. Prasarita Padottanasana A and C
9. Parsvotanasana
10. Virabadrasana B
On the floor supine
Transition from Virabadrasana with horse lunge into plank.
11. Hold plank for 10 counts. Repeat one more time.
12. Visishtasana for 10 counts on each side
Rest in childs pose and lay on the belly
13. Naukasana
14. Bhujangasana
Rest in child’s pose in between
From child’s pose sit on one side and extend legs forward.
Lay down on the back
16.Single leg rise
17.Belly twist
Curl knees to chest and roll back and forth massaging the back.
19.Happy baby or
Shoulder stand( if difficult can be performed with variations) could be half shoulder stand with bent knees as well
20. Fish pose
21. Side twist with bent knee
Savasana ( appx. 10 min)

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