Yogi’s Morning Routine – 30 Min Simple Habit To Start Your Day Right!

Since the global pandemic started earlier this year, I know a lot of people have struggled in the beginning. This massive shift in our lifestyle left us confused and some might have been gone through mental health issues as well.


With too much time in a day since we don’t have to get ready and commute to work, are you the type of person who is sleeping in till 5 min before your work hour…? I hope not! haha


I personally overwhelmed with too much time in my hands at the beginning of lockdown. In the first one or a couple of months, yes I did try those quarantine exercises, new recipes, zoom parties, etc.


But it got extremely bored and I became so uninspired.


Then, I had this realization. What I need is not all of this destruction to kill time. Killing time killed my passion. All I needed was a simple routine that sets me in the right mind and spirit and keeps my mental and physical health sane.



Since ever I joined Tirisula Yoga Teacher Training, I learned a lot about Yoga from Master Ram. He is one of the well-respected Yoga masters in the world and has trained students for decades of time. I did not only learn yoga, but I also learned about life.

And, one of the things he empathized with at the beginning of the course was the morning routine.


I will share with you guys my learning from my master incorporate with some of the things worked well for me during my morning practice.


1. Simple stretch upon waking in the bed

Apanasana (Knee to Chest pose) and simple twists in the bed when you wake up.

Sit up in the bed and do paschimottanasana (seated forward bend) before getting up from the bed.

2. Dharana – Concentration

One of the 8 limbs of yoga is Dharana. Dharana means 1 thought and it takes a mind fit for concentration. When you practice dhyana, you focus your mind on a particular external object or an internal idea and excludes all other thoughts.

Eventually, your mind will become one with the object.

As a starter, staring at one point on the wall for 3-5 min.

3. Dhyana – Meditation

Once you quiet your mind with Dharana practice, meditate.

Even you only have 5 min in the morning, it counts.

4. Pranayama

Pranayama is a Yogic breathing exercise. There are so many types of pranayama, and Master Ram recommends practicing kapalbhati every morning.

Kapalabhati clears the toxins from the body and let go of attachments.

Try 100 pumps.

5. Asana – Sun Salutation

Finally asana practice. I personally like to start the day with Sun Salutation to energize myself.

Try 3 – 5 rounds.

If you are a beginner and if this is too intense for you, pick 3 poses such as forward bend, cobra pose. and twist will be great to start off your morning right.



I hope you will find peace and happiness in simple daily life… Just like  I did 🙂


It only takes 30 min!


It takes a good amount of “tapas” (discipline) to follow through with what you decide to do. We do it not because it will make us successful or it will make us money… we do it because a tiny bit of tapas every day makes us feel great. We feel great because finally, we stop betraying ourselves by not doing the things you decided to do and we start to keep small promises to ourselves.