Why do Yogis choose vegetarian diet?

Many of us know the benefit of having more vegetables and fruits in our diet and it is a healthier choice. But why do the yogis adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet?

There are several reasons on the benefits:

1) Karma – A person who eats meat will absorbs all the negative feelings the killed animals had. All the anger, fear, pain and sufferings that the consumed meat contains, block the spiritual development of the yogi. Meat prevents the energy from flowing freely in the body, which basically makes meditation, pranayama, and doing poses useless.

2) Ahimsa – the “do-no-harm” principle that should be a part of the yoga lifestyle. Non-violence arises from within. By abandoning the aggression, we will naturally become more loving and be able to embrace others with an open heart.

3) Sattvik food – Food that brings purity, cheerfulness, good health and happiness. These food render the mind pure and calm and generate equanimity, poise and peaceful tendencies.

Many of us practice for different reasons. For me, it is to keep fit and to find the balance and calmness within myself. When we feel good and happy, we will eliminate a natural glow and create a positive energy around us. The result of the output very much depends on our daily input. And it makes perfect sense for me to choose this healthy diet as it complement yoga practices and makes me feel good.

Food is our source of daily fuel. So by choosing a healthy diet, it will power up the day with a good start by making us feel good. I started on vegetarian diet for few months now and have seen some changes. There is less anger and anxiety in me. I grew to accept and embrace people, failures and rejections more than I used to. This is a good start and I believe that “We are what we eat and practice daily”.

Hazel Kok

200Hr TTC (Jan to May 2014)





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