Yogic philosophy and the importance of it (Rali)

Yogic Philosophy 

The importance of Yogic Philosophy & Gnani

As paalu puts it in our booklet. “Enlightenment is not a goal it is the consequence of a wider life of a person who is always present.” While that is quite accurate, and while most sages old and new would agree with that statement. Being present, being aware, being the self or whatever terminology is used to describe our natural (enlightened) state. The description often become a conceptual goal for the seeker the second it is spoken about. That is why in buddhism zen monks often tell their disciples “to not mistake a finger pointing towards the moon for the moon itself.”

In some cases our biggest obstacle towards “becoming enlightened” is our preconceived notions and ideas we have about it. Ideas we were either told, fantasize about or believe to be true. To remedy these problems or make them less problematic. Yogic philosophy and Gnana yoga can help the seeker find fingers that actually point towards the moon or closer to it so they can have a better chance at gazing upon it’s beauty instead of following fingers pointed every where else but the moon.

As a teacher once put it “Enlightenment is an accident, but practice and gnani yoga can make us accident prone.”

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