“Yogi” Insights

When I first started practicing yoga, it was almost 10years ago. The reason I signed up for the studio was really simple- I was gifted a membership card. I was then addicted to Ashtanga practice for its intensive training and rigid sequence. However, my motivation of keeping doing yoga over the 10 years have changed few times. I picked up yoga after a long break because of breakup, trying to distract that loneliness, frustration and get over the sadness. And I am sure I am not alone for this particular reason to come to the mat. Now I am so into yoga is because I want to form a lifestyle that represents me.

A lot of researches out there asking people about why they practice yoga. Answers vary from physical practice to release stress or tension, looking good, feel happier, become more popular…

I strongly feel as a yoga instructor, being able to understand each practitioner’s insight is extremely important.

The chart below is from a study done by Ipsos In America 2016, comparing the 2 bars we can tell people continue to practice yoga if they find their real motivations. I read this as a very positive finding that yoga does do its job to help people to continue practicing and deliver what people initially look for.

If a practitioner comes to the mat seeking for strength, Yin yoga might not be the best choice. And if we dig deeper and link Chakra (which I talked about in another blog) and Asana together, we might be able to help people to solve specific problems by practicing tailor made asanas. Apart from advertisement, people posting all the eye catching poses in social media does reflect certain level of insecurity and lack of attention. In this case, maybe chest opening or heart opening asanas will benefit.

Everyone comes to the mat for a reason, let’s find that insight together.

(Ipsos Public Affairs, 2016. Yoga In America Study. https://www.yogaalliance.org/Portals/0/2016%20Yoga%20in%20America%20Study%20RESULTS.pdf