When I was little, I dreamt of being a witch (of course the good one!) in the future. That’s why I’ve always in love with mixing, experimenting and creating something, such as baking, painting, knitting, pickling (yes, making pickles), studying English and reading quirky books to expand my not-so-important-knowledge in everyday life. But there was always one thing that I wasn’t good at – exercising. To be a witch, the body need to be light and bouncy to be able to ride a special items, that was what I thought when I was little. After started working in a corporate world, I forgot about my dream and just devoted myself for work. However when I turned to 28, I got tired of working and started remembering my dream of becoming a witch. Of course as an adult, I knew it was a ridiculous idea but thought at least try something new other than working in the office and explore my creative side. So, I studied Aromatherapy and became an Aromatherapist. Making perfumes, cosmetics, healing people with blended oil and massage. I felt like I was getting closer to what I wanted to be – a witch, in a way.
As I wrote in my previous blog of Yogalternation, I signed up for 200H course in January 2015. Now I’m one week away from getting the certificate and the person who was so afraid of headstand now practicing handstand. I have been enjoying the good but subtle transformation within myself during this course. Then when I took Yoga Therapy course, I was shocked. I knew even gentle yoga had a great effect on our body but I’ve never thought about doing yoga as a therapy. When the first lesson was over, I made up my mind to be a yoga therapist combining my aromatherapy knowledge in the future.
In Japan, being slim is a high priority. Lots of makeup, white skin, pretty clothes and being cute. There are many places to provide the lessons how to be cute and pretty for your KONKATSU (婚活) activity – activities for finding your husband/wife. Some people appear in front of you and say “I’m in the middle of KONKATSU. Are you interested in?” This word appeared after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. People saw devastated footages and reality of natural disaster. Soon after that incident, I heard that the percentage of the marriage shoot up.
The statistic issued by The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training, 42.3 percent of people those who took medical leave for depression resigned their job because of the short length of the medical leave and lack of understanding of the companies and colleagues. At the moment, over 10,000,000 people are suffering from mental problem, over 4,000,000 have depression and it is estimated that 75% of those people who has depression are not getting any help in Japan.
We have a great culture but also have bad habits. Asking help easily is not a good attitude. Crying is bad. You feel depressed because you are weak. I saw old people who lost their family from tsunami in 2011 on TV and they smiled at the camera and thanked to people who interviewed them. They said they shouldn’t complain but appreciate what they have. It’s amazing to see the strength of these people but at the same time it was hurt breaking.
I feel yoga therapy is a great match to Japanese society because our Counseling/Therapy culture is not matured enough and people have difficulty to speak out. I want to study more about physical problems such as spinal problem, high blood pressure etc. but because I have been through depression and know how difficult it is to get out of it, I would love to specialize in mental health issues. I won’t be able to have special magical skills like a witch but I believe Yoga has that special magical powers, and that special something has started working inside of me.
My everyday life has been hectic because of my work and yoga courses but I have so much appetite of learning and practicing yoga now. Unfortunately or fortunately I am single and don’t have kids. I was sad before by the fact that I didn’t have any kids with me but I now feel clear that it is because I have something important things to do. That’s why I’ve started yoga and doing 100 push-ups every day. J People might say it was too late to find the purpose of my life but it is a great feeling having the clarity in my life.
Oscar Wilde said, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.”
I am living now.
Sanae Inada
200H YTTC Weekend
Jan 2015 to May 2015

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