Yoga and I

Yoga and I

I was first introduced to yoga when i was 18, the age where most girls start being conscious of their figures and the need to get in shape or even better, a size zero would be the perfect number to make one cool and hip. Though my goal at that time was to just get some form of exercise started, the need to tone or lose weight was somewhere at the back of my mind. My best friend then, and i enrolled in a yoga class nearby and much to our surprise, we happened to be the youngest , and in better physique compared to most of the students there, and guess what happened next, we lasted only for two weeks!

Fast forward 14 years later, with a newborn baby girl, time was moving real fast and all i did was staring at my little one day and night. My lifestyle prior wasn’t the healthiest either, healthy eating habits, exercising 3-4 times a week was never in my vocab. It hit me one day while i was staring at the mirror, what is the purpose of my life? Everything seemed to be grey and….

I asked myself, what or where will i be 20 years down the road? Again, i was clueless. I realized that life is not only about finding the right man, getting married and having a baby though all these made me feel very superior, but there is more to life, its purpose and step by step, the need to be healthy slowly started to set in. I took up running, although it was not something i would gladly get up and do.

I then decided to give yoga another shot, this time not to be a size zero, but to help me be disciplined enough to start living a better and healthier lifestyle, and its doing exactly that.I find some kind of satisfaction from within each time i manage to accomplish an asana, though most of it seems like a real hurdle to me, as 14 years later it made me realize that yoga when i was 18 and now is not the same anymore, my body has gone through some changes over the years and it feels like I am starting all over again, but its better late than never. I am not sure where this journey is going to take me but I’m glad that i choose this path, and i am just going to enjoy the ride.


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