Yoga vs Anxiety

Growing up, I struggle a lot with anxiety issues but now I am learning how to calm it down, through the practice of Yoga.

Have you ever looked at someone in a difficult situation and think, “Why is that person reacting like that?” Everyone has different coping mechanisms, it is just how our body works – coping mechanisms are ways you handle yourself/emotions during a situation. Some might turn into the use of drugs or alcohol, some will cry their hearts out, some prefer to absorb it alone by staying in bed all day to grieve and heal slowly, maybe the lucky ones are able to find someone they are comfortable to seek confide in. I have also seen people (I am a victim!) stuffing themselves with food to ease that emptiness away. Thankfully Yoga is also a healthier option for many.

Let’s be honest, it takes a lot of discipline to drag yourself out of bed to attend a class on your worst day. Yes, you can meditate but we all know the little demons living inside of us will always be there to distract you. It can be difficult to understand others coping skills. It may not be the same as our own. These discrepancies can cause a lot of strife in relationships. It took me more than four years to realize that Yoga is my coping mechanisms during tough situation, I started initially by taking the easy way out – turning into alcohol and staying in bed all day shutting the whole world down BECAUSE I hate showing others my weakness and incapabilities. It turned out to be only a temporary way out and really, I am taking the easy way out and not facing the actual problem.

So, the more I practice Yoga, the more I become more aware of self acceptance, the bodily awareness and it train us to accept the discomfort. Yoga helps us regulate the breath and interrupts the worry cycle. Everyone can see physical benefits from yoga, and its practice can also give psychological benefits – such as stress reduction and a sense of well-being, a feeling of connectedness with yourself, or a feeling of transcendence. I became more aware of my emotions and that helps me to tackle it. It also helps me to be a better person, stronger in mentally and emotionally. Thankfully I can now seek Yoga to ease my anxiety.