My Yoga TTC Journey

It has been 2 months of teacher training and what an unbelievable journey it has been. I knew that it was going to be a challenge, but definitely could not have prepared myself for the breadth of mental & physical challenges it has presented. It has pushed & pulled me to my limits and beyond. The joys of accomplishing asanas once thought to be impossible have been invigorating. And beyond the asanas, the mental discipline needed in the practice has also stretched me in all directions.
Yoga has helped me in various ways over the years, however, along the way, I found myself getting disillusioned by my weekly classes, they started feeling like mass exercise classes. I wanted to delve deeper and that desire led me to yoga teacher training.
The extensive history and philosophy combined with the anatomical teachings in the course have opened me up to a more meaningful practice. And I cannot be more grateful. The yoga teachers are informative and attentive and there’s such a wealth of knowledge that I’ve gained that just cannot be replicated in one-hour sessions at my friendly yoga studio. Best decision ever.
With just a month left to go, it feels like crunch time and honestly, I am really stressed out. It is difficult (not impossible!) to juggle a regular yoga practice & the other responsibilities of life. Sometimes I wish I had 8 days a week! In having to deal with life’s inevitable chaos, I try to hold onto yoga sutra 1.2: yoga citta vritti nirodha. With that in mind, combined with a diligent and mindful yoga practice, I hope that the balance I seek is not too far away.

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