Can I do yoga TTC as a beginner?

The answer is Yes!  I am still alive after more than 2 months of intensive yoga teacher’s training … it is prove that any beginner just needs to be insane (and brave!) enough to jump right into teacher’s training program at Tirisula Yoga. So here’s an account of what I have learnt…

First of all, I am humbled. The lessons in humility sparked a willingness, an open mindedness and a new found level of self soothing! Secondly, I have learnt through aches and pains that its probably a good idea to have some yoga background before training to be a yoga instructor. However! My unique attempt and journey will hopefully, benefit some other crazy bugger who might attempt this in the future. Thirdly, there is nothing more powerful than conquering my fears one by one. With every success, I grow stronger as a person. Lastly, the hardest challenges often bring the most rewards in the end. And this has been true for me and yoga so far.

This is but a beginning of my Yoga journey. Sometimes, jumping into the deep end is the best way to grow and oh yes, the slopes are the steepest but the learnings are the deepest!

I look forward to finishing the 200hr Astanga yoga TTC in a week’s time and to saying to myself YES! I did it (again)!  🙂


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